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Hellebore, or Lenten roses

When so little is in bloom in the landscape these delightful evergreen perennial are in there glory (Zone 6 to 9 they are evergreen). Many Nursery's specialize in this favorite perennial plant. One can find just about any color of pink, burgundy, red, purple,and of course white. February and March are great months to enjoy the colorful display of flowers.lenton rose

During winter months the plant remains evergreen (The distinctive foliage is dark green and leathery) but if you have a hard winter you will see leaf burn just snip off any peremiter burnt leaves. Hellebores like a rich organic soil and good drainage and are fairly drought tolerant. Propagate by division in late summer or early fall, remember if you divide this plant it does not bounce back very quickly after being moved. This plant will self sow from seeds and produce many new plants in the spring. New seedlings may take 2-3 years to produce a bloom. Purchase plants from a nursery while they are in bloom to be sure of color selections. In our hotter climate I have found these plants do great in the border area of woods and with dappled sunshine.

Season of Bloom
Early Spring
12-18 inches
Hardiness USDA
Hardiness Zone 4-9
Flower Color
Shades of White,Rose
Rich Organic Well drained, soil conditions.
Shade/Partial Shade
seed, division in spring

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Tony Avent and company sponsor hellebore days each spring and have a large offering of hellebores in their popular annual catalog.
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Virginia farm and garden. They produce the commercial 'Sunshine Series' of Helleborus x hybridus.



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