Goats Beard

Aruncus dioicus

This tall, elegant perennial gracefully fills in the back of borders. Creamy white plumes and alternate toothed leaves give it a feathery, light appearance. Use the late-spring to early-summer. Flowering blooms in fresh or dried arrangements.

Goat’s beard plant was around during Roman days and earned the name of Aruncus goat’s beard. It was named by Pliny during that era. It is also native to Japan and North America.

Goats Beard is best used because of its height, at the back of a perennial border. The feathery plumes of creamy white are an attractive feature in the garden setting.

Goatsbeard can be started from seed, but takes a long time to grow and become established. They are also easily transplanted and grow well in moist, rich soil and sites with partial shade. In the northern part of its range, goatsbeard also thrives in full sun.

Cut back after flowering.


Generally this plant is disease free

Season of Bloom
Late Spring
48-60 inches
Hardiness USDA
Hardiness Zone 3-7
Flower Color
Creamy White
Well drained, moist soil conditions.
Shade/Partial Shade/Full Sun(not afternoon)
seed, division in spring