Black-Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia fulgida

As the heat of summer goes into full blast and most of our gardens are dying out, out pops Black-Eyed Susan to keep the landscape alive until frost sets in. Very drought tolerant in this area and it returns each summer to grace the garden in bright yellow with brown centers. Give this plant a bit of extra room when planted as after 2-3 years it will have increased in the area it takes up. You can divide this plant by digging out a clump or area and set back in another spot to
produce more plants.
blackeyed susan
If they look to thick divide and share with a friend. One of the things I most love( in addition to the long lived blooms)this plant also feed the Finches in late summer early fall. What a thrill to see the bright yellow birds swaying on a stem while eating the centers of this plant. Great for us and the wildlife!

Snails, slugs, and aphids eat the leaves of this plant. Rabbits and deer eat the entire plant.

Season of Bloom
Late Summer
18-30 inches s
Hardiness USDA
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Flower Color
gold with black center
well drained
full sun to partial shade
division spring or fall, seed