Bear's breeches
Acanthus spinosus

This is a great plant for a splash in the back of ones flower bed. It is considered a Herbaceous Perennial and does well in zones 7-10. Bloom time is June through August with colors of White,Pink,Purple and Mauve. Full sun or bright shade will be tolerated but I have found it does not like hot afternoon sun. The leaves are bright green and have thorns,rabbits avoid this plant.

Bear's Breeches

Cut back flower stalks after flowering, leaving foliage. Divide foilage from October to March. The aggressive roots make this plant perfect for slopes. Make sure you have lots of room for this plant to spread.

Season of Bloom
Mid Summer
36-48 inches
Hardiness USDA
Zone 7-10
Flower Color
well drained
partial shade
root cuttings in spring


No serious insect or disease problems. Snails and slugs are occasional visitors that can do substantial damage if left unchecked.Will tolerated munching deer and dry conditions but enjoys a deep watering.