Stone Crop/Autumn Joy

One of the most dependable and lovely perennial flowers is Sedum 'Autumn Joy', with ornamental appeal throughout the year. In spring, rounded, fleshy green leaves emerge; in summer the flower buds are light pink, opening in late summer to flowers tremendously attractive to butterflies and bees; in winter, browned flower heads are considered ornamental. When the garden is nearly spent this flower is at its peak.

Planting Autumn Joy is a bonus to any garden due to its drought hardiness and resistance to pests and disease. Plant Autumn Joy in the back of your bed for height and color. It can take a variety of soils but does really well in sandy soil and hates to have the crown area damp.

To divide Autumn Joy, use a spade or garden fork to lift a clump from the ground. Divide the clump into smaller sections, then plant the sections in a dry, sunny spot. Autumn Joy is also easily propagated by taking stem cuttings in spring or summer.

Season of Bloom
late summer to fall
Heightautumn joy
18-24 inches
Hardiness USDA
Hardiness Zone 3-10.
Flower Color

buds light pink, open to bronze red
well drained
full sun
division in early spring or fall, terminal cuttings