Astilbe x arendsii

False Goat's Beard, and False Spirea are two common names given to Astilbe.

Astilbe is a tall feathery flowered plant popular as a pond accent, due to its love of moist well drained areas. This perennial does best in a shade or semi shaded area. Full sun in our area is very hard on this plant unless it is kept moist all the time.

I have found the leaves become krispy and dry in sun so, best to keep it happy in the shade. Astilbe shine in woodland gardens and along waterways with other shade-loving perennials, such as hostas and ferns. Astilbe plumes bloom in June-July. Colors include include pink, red, white, purple and peach.

Plants grow 18" to as much as 5 feet. There is a dwarf variety that grows about 6". Astilbe are commonly propagated by division of their roots. spring or fall. For best The best time to divide would be in the early spring or fall months.Dividen roots every 3-4 years.
It is easiest to Purchase astilbe in containers from your local garden center, or sow seeds indoors during the early spring and plant outdoors after the last spring frost.

Season of Bloom
Early to late Summer
24-48 inches
Hardiness USDA
Zone 4-8
Flower Color
white, pink, red
Moist, fetile
partial shade to full sun (not afternoon)
spring or fall division, seed
Aphids, Japanese beetles, Red Spider Mites, Slugs and Snails. Disease
Bacterial blight, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot and Wilt.